Crown Trick Closed Beta Sign Up!

Hey guys!

As we are approaching the last stages of developing the game, we are excited to start the sign-ups for the upcoming closed beta test of Crown Trick! It's been a while since the last playtest on our Discord server and LOTS of things have changed in the game since then. So don't be too excited about jumping recklessly into the battle and slaying the monsters right and left. Just keep in mind that the game requires a more strategic approach now and some of the old tricks might not work anymore.

Sign up for the closed beta here:

We will start sending out the keys through email on April 15 on a first come first served basis. 
Make sure to check your spam box if you didn't receive the key!

Join our Discord community if you have any questions:

Meanwhile, check out this amazing trailer we made featuring the gameplay from beta:


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looks great wish it was on mac tho ?

Sorry, but we don't have plans for porting the game on mac so far.