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Crown Trick is a beautifully animated rogue-like RPG adventure characterized by turn-based combat and skill-item interactive strategy. The game has procedurally generated dungeons which means that every time you enter a dungeon it's a totally new experience.

No one knows what awaits you in the next room... Crown Trick!

From dark mages to zombies, from plants to beasts, the unique hand-drawn style dungeon is filled up with a great diversity of evils. Swords, bows, guns and staves... choose your own way to fight off whatever is in front of you.

Water, fire, ice, wind, poison and oil make up the world’s elements and they mutually affect one another and bring various new ways to damage your enemies. Discover more skills within the crown as you explore deeper and darker.


The Alpha Test Now! 

We know it's been a long wait since our last demo release. But now we are finally ready for a Closed Alpha Test here on steam  with much more content for you to explore! 

Join our Discord server to sign up for the alpha and get the key: 

And...don’t forget to wishlist and follow the game: 



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If you are a content creator or a media representative, then please send us an email at crowntrick@nextstudios.com to get access to an exclusive demo.


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Here is a showcase video of the Boss and Elite monsters in Crown Trick. All of it is a hand-drawn piece of game art made by our talented artists. Enjoy!

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Hey guys! Since we have a very small team and limited resources, we will only be able to continue posting our developer blogs and updates on steam community. Please check out the link below for more updates from us in the future: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1000010/allnews/

Thank you all for the support <3


Featuring Crowntrick. Keep it up !

Along with the development of the game, Elle has changed her appearance twice already. Please, make us able to choose her in-game appearance in the final product.

Gave it a go...

Take a look at this gameplay/review (:


really like menu
like art style
like animations
nice enemy design
fantastic art direction

I had a lot of fun with this game with this game.


We absolutely loved the demo, it's so cool and replayable even in this state.

My wife made a quick review

Hi there! Thanks for such a funny and positive video review of our demo! We actually plan to release a closed beta version soon on steam. Can you please reach out to our staff through Discord? https://discord.gg/FbaXFNm

P.S we couldn't find any other ways to contact you guys on Youtube. 

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Sure! We've already talked to kingdyjin on Discord, we'd definitely like to have a look at the beta :)

Spent a couple hours on this game already and I already love it. It is very reminiscent of a lot of rogue-like games I've played before, but it still has some very unique features too. The art style is amazing and I want to see more of it. Can't wait for the full version.

Thanks a lot for giving it a try! We are gonna update the demo build real soon. Meanwhile you can join out Discord to stay tuned about the updates: https://discord.gg/FbaXFNm


got here from splattercatgaming

Amazing Game! looking forward to the updates in the future.


Haha thanks! Totally loved that video. If you want to see further updates about the game, then please join our discord server: https://discord.gg/FbaXFNm


THIS GAME IS VERY AMAZING! I love the fighting and the style *-* waiting for the full game <3 Greetings from Germany ^^

Thanks a bunch!


10 out of 5 Stars!!!

4 minutes in to Crown Trick and I had to stop to Wishlist it on Steam and write my review. Just from the Tutorial this game has captivated my attention. The quality of art and sound design/music is breathtaking. The game's mechanics; movement, attack, interacting are seamless and easy for anyone to understand. Adding all of this together makes Crown Trick one of the freshest games I've played all year!

Can't wait for the full Steam release!

Thank you very much! You positive feedback really means a lot to us. We will do our best to polish the game and deliver something special!

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Crown Trick Demo FAQ 

Here is what we got so far:


Looks lovely, but, alas, melts my graphicscard. Its a pretty old one (Geforce 660Ti), but still should be able to handle this type of game at a reasonable temperature. Indie games based on Unity engine often seem to have that issue (but not all of them) - dont know why, maybe needs some kind of framerate limit? - Anyway, game looks nice, though i did not dare to play for long - best of luck to devs!

Had an absolute blast with this game.  Have familiar mechanics of other great rogue-likes but brings plenty of uniqueness and the turn-based combat is an awesome addition.  Can't wait for a full release.  If you want to see a bit of gameplay I did a Let's Try on Crown Trick but seriously just install it and enjoy it!


I can't wait to play the full version.  I love the art style and the focus on elements and positioning.

Thanks! We will release Early Access on Steam within this year. 

Thanks a lot for itch.io official recommendation.


Looks seriously cool, just saw the itch folks tweet it out. Will it be getting Linux support?

Love the art!

Our team is too small to develop Linux version, but if we get more people like this game, we will try to develop it.Thanks acturally.

Porque no los lanzan para linux

marking this page for later. looks good, art and game direction look solid. 

Thanks,we hope you can like our game.

Thanks a lot for the article. Still a lot more need to be done to make a better gameplay. So glad to see many guys love our game, and welcome more to give us your thought and suggestions.@Alpha Beta Gamer


We got a youtuber from: @Fabled Jungle, he showed the game very well.

We got a stream from Esty8nine. He is really professional for a game of this kind and gave us some great feedback. Check it out! 

Watch CrownTrick First look! Then more games! Learn, Laugh, Ascend -Indies 6 days a week- from Esty8nine on www.twitch.tv


This is pretty damn good! I loved the art style and the real time turn based movement, though occasionally skipping my own turn due to attacking in the wrong direction was a little frustrating. Detailed feedback at the end of the video!

Thanks a lot, we will improve our game quality.❤


Hello there! Really nice game you have here! It game me that "Dofus" Feeling It's a french turn base MMORPG! Really nice mechanics and great graphics too! keep it up! 

Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest ? 

Check out our itch.io page for more info :)